The II International Summer School on Mass Displacement: Focus on Eastern Europe  during COVID-19 Pandemic


The school will consist of 120 academic hours. The program will combine different types of educational activities and methods such as in class discussions, lectures, real case studies, round tables, presentations, and field visits (study visits). The Karazin Universiry faculties who are going to run the School will be a new generation of scientists with international experience and fundamental knowledge of the subject. The faculties are carefully selected from different departments of Karazin University such as Sociology, International Economic Relations, Law and Psychology to create a multidisciplinary approach to the topic.

The program will also consist of numerous cultural and sport activities to acquaint our guests with Ukrainian culture, its cuisine, traditions and people. Ukrainian student-volunteers will also be working throughout the school period to make the visiting students feel socially integrated and welcome as well as to make their stay feel more personal and less official.