The quantity of people displaced and human mobility in the World is increasing every year. It is growing in scope, complexity and diversity. Additionally, it forms global challenges in the economic sector, in all dimensions of human well-being, as well as in international and regional politics. In order to contribute to the general awareness and to deepen the understanding of ongoing migration processes, its drivers and the impact on modern society, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University together with Go-East Programm (DAAD) is intent to launch an International Summer School in Mass Displacement during the summer of 2019, (August 5 to August16).


The International Summer School in Mass Displacement: focus on IDPs in post-Soviet Countries aims to:

1)  Provide evidence-based knowledge on the issues of current displacement of people concentrating on Eastern and Southern Europe, with some examples from countries around the glove.

2) Discuss the types of mass displacement

3) Analyze the motive, reasons, roots, and channels of displacement

4) Learn about socio- economical and socio-psychological dimension of displacement

5) Become familiar with migration Law and asylum policies of different countries

6) Deepen the knowledge of the situation with IDPs in post-Soviet Countries 

6) Meet with assigned Ukrainian organizations

7) Become acquainted with Ukrainian culture and the city life of Kharkiv


The educational program consists of 120 academic hours. The Graduate Participant Diploma from  V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University will be awarded upon completion of the summer school with 4 ECTS points.


Within the framework of the International Summer School is planned to conduct individual consultations with leading faculty members and experts on migration issues. The participants of the school will have the opportunity to receive specialized consultations, which will help them to carry out their own research.


The program will combine different types of educational activities and methods such as in class discussions, lectures, real case studies, round tables, presentations, and field visits (study visits). The Karazin Universiry faculties who are going to run the School will be a new generation of scientists with international experience and fundamental knowledge of the subject. The faculties are carefully selected from different departments of Karazin University such as Sociology, Human Geography, Law and Psychology to create a multidisciplinary approach to the topic. To enhance the curricula, the invitation to participate in the summer school was send to  Karazin University’s partners Marko Zoppi, Research Assistant (Department of Political and Social Science, University of Bologna, Italy), Dr. Çağatay Sarp (Departmant of Sociology — Kırıkkale University).

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